Twigmo 2.3 Changelog

[+] Auto upgrade of the Twigmo add-on is added.
[+] The 'Accept terms & conditions' check box can now be added to the checkout page.
[+] Minimal order amount support is added.
[+] Category descriptions are now displayed on category pages.
[+] Minimum product quantity notification is now displayed on the product details page.

[*] Free shipping info was added to the cart contents and order details pages.
[*] Total cart discount is now displayed in two fields: including discount and order discount.
[*] HTTP cache is now disabled by default.
[*] Empty product description tab was removed.

[!] Product prices were displayed incorrectly on the home page if catalog promotion was used (in CS-Cart 3.x). Fixed.
[!] Error occured when 'Disable shipping' option was selected. Fixed.
[!] UserAgent check requests were sent too often. Fixed.
[!] PayPal error occured on accessing front-end with a home screen shortcut. Fixed.
[!] Geolocation used to work incorrectly: in some cases street numbers were missing. Fixed.
[!] HTML reserved symbols were displayed incorrectly in sorting method names. Fixed.
[!] The share product on Twitter button was cut off in Firefox for Android. Fixed.
[!] Checkout: Submit buttons had different padding values in different places. Fixed.
[!] Icons were shown incorrectly in the footer. Fixed.
[!] Bottom banner block had incorrect padding. Fixed.
[!] The layout of the active menu item was rendered wrong in Firefox on Android . Fixed.
[!] The layout of the active menu item was rendered wrong in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7. Fixed.
[!] Facebook and Twitter buttons were displayed incorrectly in the share tab on product details page. Fixed.
[!] Buttons were incorrectly adjusted on the checkout page. Fixed.
[!] Amazon Checkout button was missing in CS-Cart 2.2.x. Fixed.
[!] Selecting Paypal Express Checkout resulted in a blank page. Fixed.
[!] HTML blocks were not supported for CS-Cart 3.0.x. Fixed.