Twigmo 2.4 Changelog

[+] The Handbag skin added.

[*] Payment instructions can now be displayed on the order details page.
[*] Discount prices can now be displayed on the category and product details pages.
[*] The Add to cart scenario revamped to improve clarity and prectability.
[*] Blocks can now be displayed as tabs on product details pages.
[*] The 'custom.css' files are now skin-specific.
[*] Language selector added to the Twigmo Mobile Front-End.
[*] When the desktop version of a site with the Twigmo Mobile Front-End support is viewed, a notification about the mobile version being available is displayed.
[*] Pop-up notifications in the Twigmo Mobile Front-End now disappear either on timeout or by tapping.
[*] The 'I accept the Terms & Conditions' field label can now contain HTML, thus hyperlinks.
[*] Detailed tax information is now shown on the cart contents page.
[*] Hyphen inserted between shipping name and cost.

[!] Minor design and makeup fixes applied.
[!] If the home page contained no blocks, a blank page was rendered. Fixed.