Twigmo 2.6 Changelog

[+] The CupCake skin was added.
[+] Product details: Support of product option combination images was added.

[*] Autoscroll and focus switching were added to first empty required field after form submitting.
[*] Checkout: Possibility to mark unrequired fields of payment method was added.
[*] Logo: logo sizes were hardcoded. Fixed.
[*] Product details: Displaying of product tabs was updated. Product tabs display according to their status in the administration panel.
[*] Suppliers: Support of new CS-Cart v4.x add-on Suppliers was added.

[!] "Desktop site" link did not work on Microsoft IIS and CS-Cart v4.x. Fixed.
[!] Available skins were not displayed when using https connection. Fixed.
[!] Cart: Free products in cart were displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Catalog: Text "There are no products in this section" was not displayed at empty category. Fixed.
[!] Checkout: Payment selection was shown when no payment required. Fixed
[!] Checkout: The express checkout buttons were not displayed. Fixed.
[!] Checkout: Total was calculated incorrectly in CS-Cart v4.x. Fixed.
[!] Desktop version of CS-Cart v4.x Multi-Vendor Edition: Checkout: Fatal error was displayed on checkout after using wrong login credentials. Fixed.
[!] Desktop version of CS-Cart v4.x: PHP notices were displayed at Block Manager. Fixed.
[!] List price was displayed even if a product has zero price. Fixed.
[!] Mobile Firefox crashed on the category page. Fixed.
[!] Orders: Orders list was not displayed in CS-Cart v2.x. Fixed.
[!] Pages: Language selector did not work on pages with different SEO names for each language. Fixed.
[!] Product details: HTML blocks were not displayed in product tabs (CS-Cart v2.x only). Fixed.
[!] Product with zero amount was not displayed if track inventory option was disabled and product had some product options. Fixed.
[!] Profile: Default state was displayed instead of user selected. Fixed.
[!] Search: Products search did not work in some cases in Multi-Vendor Edition. Fixed.
[!] Search: Query input was changing until search request was performed. Fixed.
[!] Twigmo Mobile Admin: Dashboard: Order statistics was displayed incorrectly for custom order statuses. Fixed.