Country Culture marketplace offers designer goods from Australia. Each designer here is an individual seller. This store has grown from a small business to the award-winning web marketplace known all over Australia.

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Angela Lavender
Founder of countryculture.com.au

Country Culture is the brainchild of Angela Lavender—a proud resident of Australia’s great rural backyard! Angela and her team are passionate about supporting Australian designed, made and produced goods-from designer products to hand-made finds and unique gifts. Angela is passionate about supporting all regions of Australia—especially "the little guy".

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The marketplace team finds high quality designer goods from hidden places around all regions of Australia. They only invite the traders they truly admire to build a great relationship with them. Since they support small producers, many of the items are unique and one offs. The collection of products continually grows.

Country Culture can boast of numerous mentions in the press, which make this marketplace even more trustworthy. This multi vendor website was mentioned in 28 magazines including The Daily Telegraph, The Bulletin, and Vogue. Way to go!

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Country Culture has grown from a small family business to a great marketplace, which now helps other small businesses. And it continues growing. Looks like they really love what they do and enjoy seeing the company grow.

"I started Country Culture because I could see that there was this really rich and colourful source of talent in sometimes the most unexpected of places. The more I looked into it, the more I realized that we needed to bring this talent together-and showcase it to the whole world."

Angela Lavender

Founder at Country Culture

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