Content requirements for a CS-Cart reseller's website

Note that all the items listed below are mandatory though a reseller is entitled to make changes in the description of CS-Cart software and its editions.

1. A distributor shall have a website dedicated to CS-Cart (or a special page dedicated to CS-Cart on their existing website) containing the information about CS-Cart Shopping Cart software and its editions.

Please download a ZIP archive containing the description of CS-Cart and its editions, images and logos for using on your website.

2. A distributor shall have the Authorized reseller banner with a link to www.cs-cart.com on their website.

  • Download the banner
    Banner SizeBanner PreviewDownload Format
    130 x 70 px Click to preview PNG | PSD
    195 x 105 px Click to preview PNG | PSD
    260 x 140 px Click to preview PNG | PSD
  • Insert the following lines into HTML code of your website.
    <a href="http://www.cs-cart.com/authorized-resellers.html" target="_blank">
    <img src="ACTUAL_BANNER_URL" border="0"></a>
    Important! Make sure you have not removed or modified the hyperlink in the code. The banner must be linked to the list of authorized resellers on www.cs-cart.com.
  • 3. A distributor shall have a demo version of CS-Cart or a link to CS-Cart online demo on their website.

    4. In case a distributor wishes to have a website similar in its style to www.cs-cart.com, the following requirements should be met:

    • The website header including the top menu must have the same look-and-feel (the content may differ) as on www.cs-cart.com. The header must include the CS-Cart logo. A reseller's company name and/or country can be added to the logo if necessary.
    • The slide banner must be located on the home page under the top menu. The banner background color and the banner text style must be identical to the ones on www.cs-cart.com.
    • The main font of the website, the font of the headers and subheaders, their sizes and colors must be the same as the ones on www.cs-cart.com.
    • The website bottom must have the same look-and-feel (but not the content) as on www.cs-cart.com.
    • The rest elements of the look-and-feel are copied by a distributor from www.cs-cart.com at one’s own discretion.

    If there are any questions, please contact us via your personal Customer Help Desk account.