How to Participate

We are really proud of our community that involves thousands of successful web store owners from all over the world and numerous independent developers. Members can get peer support from other users, find a third-party developer for their custom projects, get a competent answer from the CS-Cart team and even influence our development activities.

Community Forums

CS-Cart Community Forums is the place where you can address other CS-Cart users and get their advice on CS-Cart related questions (including technical issues and software configuration) and other questions as to how to do business online. There, you can also learn about our current development processes and discuss the features that are going to appear in further CS-Cart releases.

Suggest a Feature

Every CS-Cart user is encouraged to suggest a new CS-Cart feature and vote for suggestions by other users. We consider User Voice as our main feature requests repository and implement the hottest features that are voted for by a significant number of users. So, CS-Cart is developed to feature the most required and essential functionality.

Report a Bug

Bugs naturally occur in every software, and may even appear in the releases that are commonly considered as stable and are widely used for production purposes. We made our Bug Tracker public to encourage everybody to report any suspected bugs. Every reported bug is discussed in a special ticket and you can always track its status.