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Upgrade subscription for Multi-Vendor Booking (1 month)


It’s important to regularly upgrade your Multi-Vendor marketplace.

Say, DHL updates its software and now this shipping method doesn’t work in your country. Or PayPal adds new cool functionality, and you can’t use it in your old Multi-Vendor version. In these cases, we quickly update the integration with 3rd-party services and include the update in the new version. You upgrade, and voilà—DHL works again, and you can benefit from new PayPal features.

Or here’s another case. You’re running an old Multi-Vendor version without responsive design and deep SEO features. As a result, you’re losing 50% of customers because your internet marketplace is not mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized. The latest Multi-Vendor versions have it all.

Server technologies are being continuously developed, too. Server software becomes faster, more powerful, and secure. We continuously monitor such updates and keep Multi-Vendor compliant with the latest server technologies. This guarantees speed, stamina, and security of your online marketplace.

Of course it’s up to you—to upgrade or not. But keeping your eCommerce mall 100% charged is definitely worth those $385.

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